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This is the main "hub" for our demos and sample apps. Over the years, we've amassed a rather large number and even today, the demos and samples are spread out around multiple locations. This section is meant to be a central clearinghouse for all of them.

You may note that we have "legacy demos" "sample applications", "boilerplates", "code snippets", "examples". This jargon may be a bit confusing so first some definitions:

  • Sample Applications - working examples/demos that are currently on our official site
  • Legacy Demos - Demos that shipped directly with old versions of DotImage - preserved for usefulness
  • Boilerplates - Minimal apps created by Atalasoft Support personnel to use as quick starters / repro / test harnesses
  • Example Apps - More fleshed out apps created by Atalsaoft support personnel to demonstrate specific use cases etc. May also include solutions that show a feature or how to for a specific example from our KB articles. These were never official "demos" maintaned and kept up to date and may well be "one-off" examples for a specific use case.
  • Code Snippets - isolated bits of code useful as part of a bigger app but not complete applications

Sample Applications

The current official sample applications are available on our main web site under

Legacy Demos


DotImage used to ship with about 30 demos pre-installed. However, as our SDK installer size grew, a decision was made around v10.0 that we would stop including / installing them directly with the SDK. We made a Demos page on our web site and gave each demo its own page and provided source and compiled (for desktop apps) versions.

In 2015, we had a site redesign and the "Demos" section was reworked into "Sample Applications" and the number of sample apps reduced significantly to only those most popular/common. However, many customers (and support) missed those demos, so support created the KB articles for "where have all the demos gone". For each major release we created a new copy/set as significant differences sometimes required code changes)

Q10412 - FAQ: Where Have All The Demos Gone?

Q10449 - FAQ: Where Have all the 10.7 Demos Gone?

Q10435 - FAQ: Where Have All The 10.6 Demos Gone?

Support Boilerplates

Support engineers for Atalasoft regularly need to have minimal working sample apps we can quickly throw customer code or our own test code into in order to reproduce issues or test suggestions/solutions/workarounds. We call these "boilerplates" .. we have several that we find very useful. We delete the bin and obj directories to make them smaller. This means that you will have to have the SDK installed (and of course licensed) to be able to build and run them.

These are NOT production-ready apps by any means. They're generally stubs meant to provide a quick start to add your own code to create a test / repro / example / etc...

A bare-minimum WebDocumentViewer (WDV) sample app. This has no thumbnail viewer (see SimpleWDVwithWDT below for that). Useful for getting the minimum needed up and running to view a document and with annotation support enabled

The WebDocViewerHandler.ashx.cs is effectively configured default but has commented/stubbed out entries to assist in quick setup of custom handlers

It's built in VS2012 and assumes you're using the x86 built in Visual Studio web server

Nearly identical to the SimpleWDVAnnotations above, this is a modified version that includes the WebDocumentThumbnailer (WDT) thumbnail viewer wired up.

It's built in VS2012 and assumes you're using the x86 built in Visual Studio web server

This is a minimal console application. Incredibly useful for a quick start.

This is a Visual Studio 2012 Winforms app targeting .NET 4.5.2 with our x86 dlls

Example Apps

  • PDF form filling
  • Combine and repair

Code Snippets