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Atalasoft Support Wiki

This wiki is a test for a new home for Atalasoft support resources. We hope to be able to use it to provide valuable how-tos and articles covering a wide range of topics.

Any discrepancies between information on this site and official documentation provided by Atalasoft / Kofax should be take with the following understanding:

In cases where this site differs from officially published documentation, the official documentation is assumed to have priority UNLESS the article SPECIFICALLY STATES that it is a correction to an error in the official documentation.

Official documentation (API reference, Developers Guide) is generally updated only upon Major Release, Feature Release, and ServicePack Release; but not for FixPack Release or Hotfixes

PLEASE NOTE This wiki is not open to public editing - This resource is read-only for our customers/users. Please do not contact support or sales to request editor / author access.

Top Level links

Official Documentation

The following links are for the official documentation for Atalasoft products. Any discrepancy between the official documentation and resources provided by support need to be evaluated along the following lines:

Unless an article/whitepaper explicitly mentions that it is a correction to the official documentation, any discrepancies between content authored by support and official documentation should be considered that the official documentation takes precedence.

Developers Guide

Our Developers Guide PDF contains lots of "how to" and example code for various DotImage components and concepts. Older versions used to also contain the Clientside API for our web components (WDV and WebCapture) .. those are now provided separately online (see below)

.NET Components API Referents

Our .NET API reference used to be delivered via help installer with our SDK download. We moved to a more portable/functional .chm file setup so no more installation of specific help is required. When you install our SDK, it is placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atalasoft\DotImage 11.1\Help\ApiReference.chm

Clientside API Documentation for Web Components

Originally contained within the Developers Guide, the clientisde API reference for WebDocumentViewer / WebDocumentThumbnailer and WebCapture (WingScan) are now hosted online directly


This is he main KB replacement (articles for this wiki that mirror the original KB)

Release Notes


This is the official release notes page that is updated automatically by our product operations team when new versions are published

Support Curated Release Notes

Many customers have had issues with the official release notes not being very search friendly. These links are support-curated flat lists on a single page to make CTRL +F searching quick for an entire major release

Changes Introduced In...

These articles are roughly based on certain version release notes but they're designed to go much more in depth. Release notes (linked above) are very top level general descriptions only and have no actual how-to / content behind them. These "Changes Introduced in" pages provide more details and (when appropriate) links into further content.

  • Changes_Introduced_in_DotImage_11.1
    • Updated jQuery and jQueryUI dependencies
    • Added native Upload feature to WebDocumentViewer
  • 11.0
    • Breaking changes to WDV scripts (Updated minimum versions required)
    • PdfIum PdfReader engine replaces old Foxit engine
  • 10.7
    • New AbbyyEngine OCR Engine
    • Important breaking changes for WDV js and cs links
  • 10.3
    • Major Assembly restructuring - super important for anyone upgrading from 10.2 or older to anything newer

DotImage Downloads

The official DotImage download will always be hosted here: Official Download Page

The official archive of past downloads will always be here: All Downloads

Atalasoft maintains permanent archive of all officially released versions of DotImage since (older versions may be available from Support resources, but only and newer have an officially maintained permanent archive available

For all Downloads, see: DotImage Downloads

Demos and Sample Apps

This is the main "hub" for our demos and sample apps. Over the years, we've amassed a rather large number and even today, the demos and samples are spread out around multiple locations. This section is meant to be a central clearinghouse for all of them.

You may note that we have "legacy demos" "sample applications", "boilerplates", "code snippets", "examples". This jargon may be a bit confusing so first some definitions:

  • Sample Applications - working examples/demos that are currently on our official site
  • Legacy Demos - Demos that shipped directly with old versions of DotImage - preserved for usefulness
  • Boilerplates - Minimal apps created by Atalasoft Support personnel to use as quick starters / repro / test harnesses
  • Example Apps - More fleshed out apps created by Atalsaoft support personnel to demonstrate specific use cases etc. May also include solutions that show a feature or how to for a specific example from our KB articles. These were never official "demos" maintaned and kept up to date and may well be "one-off" examples for a specific use case.
  • Code Snippets - isolated bits of code useful as part of a bigger app but not complete applications

Please visit the Main Demos and Sample Applications Page