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The following links are for the official documentation for Atalasoft products. Any discrepancy between the official documentation and resources provided by support need to be evaluated along the following lines:

Unless an article/whitepaper explicitly mentions that it is a correction to the official documentation, any discrepancies between content authored by support and official documentation should be considered that the official documentation takes precedence.

Developers Guide

Our Developers Guide PDF contains lots of "how to" and example code for various DotImage components and concepts. Older versions used to also contain the Clientside API for our web components (WDV and WebCapture) .. those are now provided separately online (see below)

.NET Components API Referents

Our .NET API reference used to be delivered via help installer with our SDK download. We moved to a more portable/functional .chm file setup so no more installation of specific help is required. When you install our SDK, it is placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atalasoft\DotImage 11.1\Help\ApiReference.chm

Clientside API Documentation for Web Components

Originally contained within the Developers Guide, the clientisde API reference for WebDocumentViewer / WebDocumentThumbnailer and WebCapture (WingScan) are now hosted online directly