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This is the official release notes page that is updated automatically by our product operations team when new versions are published

Support Curated Release Notes

Many customers have had issues with the official release notes not being very search friendly. These links are support-curated flat lists on a single page to make CTRL +F searching quick for an entire major release

Changes Introduced In...

These articles are roughly based on certain version release notes but they're designed to go much more in depth. Release notes (linked above) are very top level general descriptions only and have no actual how-to / content behind them. These "Changes Introduced in" pages provide more details and (when appropriate) links into further content.

  • Changes_Introduced_in_DotImage_11.1
    • Updated jQuery and jQueryUI dependencies
    • Added native Upload feature to WebDocumentViewer
  • 11.0
    • Breaking changes to WDV scripts (Updated minimum versions required)
    • PdfIum PdfReader engine replaces old Foxit engine
  • 10.7
    • New AbbyyEngine OCR Engine
    • Important breaking changes for WDV js and cs links
  • 10.3
    • Major Assembly restructuring - super important for anyone upgrading from 10.2 or older to anything newer