Release Terminology

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Atalasoft product versions take the form


As of September 24, 2018, our current release is

Major Release version: 11
Minor Release Version: 0
ServicePack Version: 0
FixPack Release Version: 10
Unused Placeholder: 0
Build Number: 507

You may sometimes see support refer to a number like this
This is just due to our legacy numbering where we used to pad out the build number and did not have that placeholder


Licensing and Versions

Licensing is its own topic entirely, but for the purposes of "what versions do I need to update my license for" a given license version is tied to Major.Minor.. so if we go from 10.x to 11.x or if we go from 11.0 to 11.1 that would trigger a need to activate licensing for the new version.

Alternate Terminology

You may sometimes hear a Minor release be termed as a "Feature Release"

You may sometimes hear a ServicePack release be termed as a "Point Release"

Legacy Terminology

Atalasoft used to do "hotfix" releases where we'd package up and test a nightly build when an immediate fix was needed. We have a much more formalized QA and testing and release process now, so the term "HotFix" isn't really used. Also, due to the nature of our DLLs. builds, you generally can never just patch in a single updated dll (a true "hotfix") so the term is of limited use.