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WebDocumentThumbnailer (WDT) is our HTML5 web viewing control for displaying thumbnail (small scale views). It is intended as a visual control to allow for a "summary view" of the contents of a document. It's designed to work with WebDocumentViewer (WDV) and not act completely stand-alone (without WDV) though WDV can be stand-alone without a WDT.

It uses "continual vertical scroll" (configurable to horizontal) to display all pages of a multi-page document as a continuous strip that you scroll through (similar to how MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader display their files by default). The WDT is meant as a a "companion" viewer to the WDV and not to operate isolation.

Just as with WDV, as a web control, we need to be cautious of memory usage in eh browser as well as bandwidth, so this control uses "lazy loading" to request full pages as needed. The trade off for this is that if you have a large document though users can scroll through it as if it's a big single document loaded all at once, it's actually requesting pages as it needs them.. and when a given page has been scrolled out of view, it may be disposed, and thus will be re-requested if the user revisits that page.


Current Dependencies

The control depends upon several libraries:

  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • jQueryEasing
  • Raphael
  • jsClipboard

Previous Dependencies

The original release of WDV depended on jQuery 1.7.1 min and we maintained that minimum until version 11.0 when we updated to minimum jQuery 1.10.1

Getting Started

We've put together a fairly detailed getting started whitepaper for the WDV which also includes an application incorperating the WDT.

Web Document Viewer Whitepaper - Getting Started with Web Viewing


Drag Drop Rearranging

In 10.7, we introduced drag/drop rearranging for item order in WDT. This expanded to being able to drag/drop between multiple WDT controls on the same page in 11.0 (see below).

Multiple WDT with one WDV

When first introduced, WDT was completely subservient to a single WDV on a page. As of the release of 11.0, it's now possible to link multiple WDTs on a single page to a single WDV. The idea is that the currently active WDT will control what is viewed in the WDV. This makes multiple document interfaces quite easy. You can also drag and drop pages between two WDTs

Configurable for Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling

A single configuration option in initialization allows you to determine if the control will scroll horizontally or vertically.

Configurable for tabular (multiple columns) display

The Tabluar option lets you convert your WDT into a "grid" / column based display - depending on the horizontal/vertical scroll setting, the viewer will fill rows/colums as needed to satisfy the width/columns requirements set