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WebDocumentViewer (WDV) is our HTML5 web viewing component that lets developers include a scrolling viewer to view multipage documents without requiring browser plugins.

It uses "continual vertical scroll" (configurable to horizontal) to display all pages of a multi-page document as a continuous strip that you scroll through (similar to how MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader display their files by default). The WDV has a "companion" viewer for thumbnails called WebDocumentThumbnailer (WDT). WDT is not required to use WDV.. it's an option to add on, but adding WDT to a page using WDV does change how one must interact with certain key elements - see WDT for more on this.

As a web control, we need to be cautious of memory usage in eh browser as well as bandwidth, so this control uses "lazy loading" to request full pages as needed. The trade off for this is that if you have a large document though users can scroll through it as if it's a big single document loaded all at once, it's actually requesting pages as it needs them.. and when a given page has been scrolled out of view, it may be disposed, and thus will be re-requested if the user revisits that page.


The control depends upon several libraries:

  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • jQueryEasing
  • Raphael
  • jsClipboard

Getting Started

We've put together a fairly detailed getting started whitepaper for the WDV. It will walk you through creating two Applications: the first using just WDV, and the second, an application using both WDV and WDT.

Web Document Viewer Whitepaper - Getting Started with Web Viewing



Configurable to Horizontal or Vertical Scroll

Lazy Loading

Text Searching

Highly Configurable Custom Handler

Can be Linked to from multiple WDT viewers




Changes in Dependencies

The original release of WDV depended on jQuery 1.7.1 min and we maintained that minimum until version 11.0 when we updated to minimum jQuery 1.10.1