WingScan in Chrome - Sudden Change in Behavior (April 2019)

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We are aware of an issue where Google released a breaking change to Chrome web browser in release 73.0.3683.103 which alters how synchronous requests are handled. The technical details are nuanced, but the end result is that when using WingScan web scanning, users with this version of Chrome may encounter a situation where scanning does not properly clean up/shut down after the first scan and/or on page exit.


Your Web scanning works for the first scan but may falsely report scan canceled by user or attempts to scan additional documents return an issue connecting to the scanner, possibly saying it's in use

If you look in the web development console (F12) you might see an error along the lines of:

"Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load 'Path...': Synchronous XHR in page dismissal." name: "NetworkError"

Root Cause

This change took a large part of the Chrome community by surprise and according to community posts, it was significant enough that Google will be rolling the change back in an upcoming patch.

The underlying issue of removing synchronous requests is one that our web capture process is actively working on as the ultimate deprecation and removal of synchronous requests has been in the pipeline. We have plans to update our web capture components in an upcoming Fix Pack before the official removal of synchronous requests in Chrome


In the meantime if you are seeing issues with hung/aborted scans in Chrome, check your version. If you can either downgrade to 73.0.3683.103 or once Chrome has a newer patch version, the issue should resolve itself

IE, IE Edge, and FireFox are not currently affected.

Original KB Source Article

Q10492 - INFO: WingScan in Chrome - Sudden Change in Behavior (April 2019)